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Inspection & Repair

We use video scopes to check for exposure.



Blackmagic® technology is used when converting to HD.


Digital Outputs

Files are moved to your storage device!


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Blackmagic Design® Technology

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We use the world’s leading standards converter to transfer VHS tapes to high definition (HD). The converter uses a series of complex algorithms to calculate thousands of pixels simultaneously in the X and Y positions of the pixel and between frames.

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This produces extremely high quality de-interlacing and up conversion content as an end result. The technology also detects cadences and removes it even with edited material. It also offers noise reduction and aspect ratio conversions, giving you the best possible result.

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“Our festival had videos dating back to the early 1980s in media formats we could no longer access. Azure was able to digitize our complete archives to DVD. Working with them was a pleasure. Highly recommended.”

Adam Herst
Information Technology for Non-Profits,

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Q: Is it safe?
Yes. We inspect, repair if needed & monitor all transfers during the process.

Q: Will I get my tapes back?
Yes, you will get them back in original condition.

Q: Is your service confidential?
Yes, 100% confidential. We will never release your content to the public.

Q: Do you offer any guarantee?
Yes, videos will have no anomalies or we’ll re-transfer it free.


Video Transfer Includes

vhs to dvd - super 8 film - arrow1 All our equipment is cleaned frequently to ensure quality transfers.
vhs to dvd - super 8 film - arrow2 Your video transfers will be checked meticulously for technical errors.
vhs to dvd - super 8 film - arrow3 Excellent customer support.
vhs to dvd - super 8 film - arrow4 We store your original digital files for up to 30 days in our system!


Supported Video Formats

We handle nearly all video formats.

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