Remembering family history through high quality HD transfers.

VHS to DVD & HD Transfers

Choosing digital storage is the best way today to archive your important memories for future generations so your loved ones can remember your family history. This can be made possible by storing videos in high definition files which can be achieved at our shop.

Many people take their videotapes to unreliable video transfer stores lacking standards for quality control such as excess video noise by the use of improper connections & cables, and the use of poorly maintained equipment. Video heads need to be cleaned and checked for alignment frequently to ensure proper playback.

It is easy to get started with us, simply drop your tapes off at our downtown location or when you use our Up Conversion Service, we include free shipping nation wide. We use a world renowned standards converter and video scopes for monitoring in order to get the job done right!

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FREE shipping across Canada, de-interlacing & noise reduction technology included.

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Fun Fact!

The group that created the converter started off a decade ago as part of a branch in a military defence and aerospace technology company named Lockheed Martin. The company used this converter to process various video applications and invested millions of dollars developing the complex algorithms for the software and hardware. It was later purchased by Blackmagic Design in 2011, they added some modifications to the unit and re-launched the product in 2012.


Advancement in video algorithms made it possible to produce quality imagery.

Tech Talk…

The converter uses complex algorithms to make advanced calculations on the thousands of pixels simultaneously on their X and Y positions and in between frames. It is all applied in real time so that you can up convert your standard definition video into HD (high definition), and de-interlace your footage. It also has automatic cadence detection even in edited content, noise reduction capabilities and aspect ratio conversions, with all these elements working together, the Blackmagic Design converter is able to produce extremely high quality video. Check out the description below about each feature:

High Quality De-interlacing – Image is improved by using propriety and patented PixelMotion algorithms which also maintains vertical resolution.

Up Conversion and Cross Conversions – You can convert from North American video formats (NTSC) or Europe/Asia (PAL) video formats to standard definition or high definition.

Cadence Detection & Removal – When converting videos filmed at 24 frames per second, the converter automatically detects and removes cadences from the video with a 3:2 pulldown even when the video has been edited. This means that the video will be ready for broadcast television once transferred through the converter as the broadcast industry takes a very specific format.

Noise Reduction – Removes video interference created from analogue signals by using award winning “temporal recursive” noise reduction technology.

Aspect Ratio Conversion – The unit converts various aspect ratios by using proprietary “Smart” aspect that warps images from 4:3 to 16:9 without visible stretching of the image. It uses “multi-direction diagonal filters” in order to improve picture quality. An aspect ratio is simply the ratio between the length and height of a video frame, for example: widescreen or standard 4X3 format. It does get more complicated, a full explanation here.

Go Digital, It’s Easy to Share!

Transferring your videos to digital and HD is the best way to store and archive your memories. Once captured, you can convert them to smaller web formats, edit your memories, and share them online with family and friends. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

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